Axenol Lubricants & Grease

Axenol® offers a professional line of lubricants which, owing to suitable additives and high quality base oils guarantee trouble-free operation of every machine, even in the most demanding operating conditions. Customer satisfaction obtained through the provision of the highest quality products and professional cooperation combined with modern business processes make us the experts in the field of lubrication.



The speciality of our company are professional lubricants and operating fluids of a highest quality, used in heavy and automotive industries, as well as in household applications.[…]


Axenol® gardening oils are high-quality lubricants, formulated specially for all four-stroke and two-stroke combustion engines, such as, among others, in mowers, small tractors and other gardening equipment operating in extremely difficult conditions.[…]


Oils designed for use in hydraulic systems operating under severe conditions, hydro-mechanical gearboxes, manual gearboxes, mechanisms supporting steering systems in vehicles and certain hydro-kinetic systems.[…]